At Home Vs Professional Teeth Whitening

At Home Vs Professional Teeth Whitening

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One of the most popular solutions to get rid of teeth discolouration caused by unhealthy eating habits and poor oral hygiene is a teeth whitening treatment. You might develop yellow teeth because of improper brushing, consuming caffeine, eating certain foods, smoking and the natural aging process. Thanks to global popularity people are now becoming aware of the importance of a healthy white smile.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe for Everyone?

If you are or know someone who is suffering from gum recession or tooth decay, or having crowns, it is recommended to consult your dentists before going for professional teeth whitening treatment. An exposed portion will respond differently to tooth whitener. The peroxide solution used in teeth whitening products does not whiten crowns and veneers. If you are DIY teeth whitening treatment, make sure to check for the right shade.

What is the best way to whiten teeth at home?

If you are wondering how to white teeth at home, no need to think much because you can do it easily. Use teeth whitening toothpaste, strips, and light devices. You might get minimal whitening results from toothpaste as it has low levels of bleaching ingredients. Whitening strips and light devices, on the other hand, provide better results since the whitening ingredients make full contact with your teeth for a longer duration.

Whitening toothpaste – They polish teeth and remove the stain because of the mild abrasives present in the toothpaste. It includes hydrated silica, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium carbonate. Whitening toothpaste has low concentrations of active hydrogen peroxide that helps in bleaching teeth. Look for a toothpaste that has peroxide so that you get real whitening results. You can expect to see visible whitening effects after five or more days of twice-daily use.

Whitening strips and trays – Teeth whitening trays and strips are used to apply the bleaching ingredient hydrogen peroxide directly to teeth. Each whitening session lasts for a few minutes to hours. The results are dramatic, but you’ll need to repeat the process in three weeks for full results. This whitening treatment is considered one of the best teeth whiteners.

Whitening light devices – This device includes a whitening device, and a blue LED light. This light accelerates the whitening process and gives amazing results. Such whitening devices are very effective and last longer.

Professional Solutions for Yellow Teeth

Choose professional teeth whitening for your teeth as it’s a safe, quick, affordable, and the most proven method for making your teeth white. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you will be recommended to have one or several whitening sittings with a duration ranging from approximately 30 minutes to an hour.

If you don’t want to opt for the professional bleaching method, make sure to see your dentist every six months. They will offer you deep cleaning to remove plaque build-up from your teeth. What if you can’t find time to visit your dentist? In that case, it’s better to invest in at-home teeth whitening kits. Make sure to read the teeth whitening side effects and use them with caution.

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