Is Whitening Your Own Teeth Safe?

Is Whitening Your Own Teeth Safe?

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As part of your facial features, your teeth is one of the most attractive parts in your body. This captures the image of a perfect smile. However, as much as you want to preserve that pearly-white shine, factors could eventually contribute to the degrade of its color—the inevitable force of time and ageing, the sugary, fatty meal in your diet, and the drinks and beverages you usually take. These are just few of hundreds of factors that could affect the color of your teeth.

With such dilemma, certain maintenance should be applied. There are a lot of ways and options you can do to maintain your teeth, but the question here is will you do an at-home teeth whitening process or have a professional teeth whitening?

To highlight foremostly, how to whiten teeth is not a one-time procedure. It demands a lot of sessions from time- to- time to maintain that color. You can actually do it at home (but of course, with the dentist’s approval) through using stain-removal toothpastes which consists of extra polishing agents for whiter teeth. Next is that you can utilize At-Home Bleaching from your dentist, wherein he prepares the formula and all you have to do is to apply it at home with supervision. Lastly, you could actually buy over-the-counter bleaching products with lower concentrations than what dentists use.

But is at-home teeth whitening safe?

The side effects of at-home teeth whitening is the possibility of over whitening. This could actually cause tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, loss of tooth enamel, and a translucent appearance of teeth.

What can we do, then?

Let’s go for a safer way. To avoid serious problems of losing teeth enamel, a safer way of maintaining teeth brightness is through professional teeth whitening. In this case, supervised formulas for bleaching process are provided and longer lasting results are achieved. This could be a better option than risking your teeth in an at-home whitening process.

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