Can mosaic tiles be used on floors?

Can mosaic tiles be used on floors?

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At first glance, the intricacy of mosaic tiles can be intimidating to look at. However, did you know that modern Mosaic Floor Tiles Australia are manufactured by placing natural stone and/or ceramic pieces into a mesh backing? This innovative method offers homeowners a wide selection of stones, textures, colors, and designs imaginable.

Mosaic tiles can be so alluring that you may want them to be used for your floors. Although mosaic tiles can definitely be used for flooring, there are some things you need to remember, which are the following:


Given that the beauty of mosaic tiles lies on their overall result, it is important for the subflooring to be smooth and strong enough to carry all of the tiles. If the latter condition isn’t met, you will need more reinforcing.

Mosaic tiles are usually grouped into larger sheets, which make them easy to cut by a utility knife and with a thinset mortar. If you’re laying individual tiles, you can make large cuts with a snap cutter and smaller cuts. To finish, grout and seal the tiles, then regularly re-grouting and resealing them.

Why mosaic tiles as flooring?

Although mosaic tiles are more common for smaller surface areas, using them for flooring can give your home a brand new image. Here are some advantages of having a mosaic floor:

  • Elegant. If you’re new to mosaic tiles, this is probably the advantage that you’re most familiar with. Mosaic tiles come in repeating patterns that you can then assemble into more complex and personalized designs.
  • Low-maintenance. Despite their delicate designs, mosaic tiles are actually resistant to mildew, mold, stains, and even chemical damage. Dirt can be easily spotted so you’ll know immediately know when it’s time to clean them.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Compared to ceramic tiles, it takes around half the energy to produce glass tiles such as mosaic tiles.


It’s no surprise that mosaic tiles can be expensive and challenging to install, however, you’re rest assured that investing in mosaic floor tiles can transform your home in all ways possible.

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