The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Etiquette

The Do’s and Don’ts of Hotel Etiquette

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Have you ever stayed in a hotel and found yourself wondering what the proper etiquette is? Or have you unknowingly broken some unspoken rules and felt embarrassed or awkward? Good hotel etiquette is important for your enjoyment and the comfort and convenience of other guests and the staff. In this post, we’ll cover hotel etiquette’s do’s and don’ts to help you navigate your next hotel stay with confidence and grace.

The Do’s of Hotel Etiquette

Do greet the staff politely and make small talk. It’s always a good idea to be friendly and courteous to the hotel staff, as they play a big role in making your stay enjoyable. Greet them with a smile and a hello whenever you see them and take the time to engage in small talk if they initiate it. This shows good manners and helps create a more welcoming and hospitable atmosphere for everyone.

Do keep your room tidy and clean. While it’s natural to want to make yourself at home in your hotel room, it’s important to remember that you are sharing the space with others. Keep your room clean and tidy by picking up after yourself, disposing of trash properly, and taking care not to leave a mess. If you have children, make sure they are also following these rules to help keep the room looking neat and presentable.

Do respect the noise level in your room and common areas. Hotel rooms can be thin-walled, so it’s important to be mindful of the noise level you and your family or friends are making. Avoid loud conversations or music late at night, and be considerate of other guests trying to sleep or relax. This also goes for common areas – keep the volume down in the lobby, pool, or other shared spaces to create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone.

Do use the “Do Not Disturb” sign appropriately. The “Do Not Disturb” sign is there for a reason – to allow guests to have privacy and peace of mind when needed. Use it when you are sleeping, taking a nap, or want to be left alone in your room. If you need housekeeping or other services, hang the “Please Makeup Room” sign instead. This helps ensure that the staff respects your wishes and doesn’t disturb you.

Do tip appropriately. Tipping is always a personal decision, but it’s generally considered good etiquette to tip the housekeeping staff for their hard work in keeping your room clean and tidy. A few dollars per night is a good starting point, and you can adjust the amount based on the level of service you receive. If you are staying at a luxury hotel, tip a little more. It’s also a good idea to tip other staff members who go above and beyond, such as the concierge or bellhop.

The Don’ts of Hotel Etiquette

Don’t leave a mess in the common areas or pool. It’s important to respect the common spaces in the hotel, whether it’s the lobby, pool, or restaurant. Be mindful of your belongings and don’t leave a mess behind, as this can be inconvenient and annoying for other guests and the staff. This includes throwing trash in the proper receptacles and not leaving towels or other items on the pool chairs or loungers.

Only take items from the room or hotel with permission. It may be tempting to “borrow” some of the amenities in your hotel room, such as towels, shampoo, and conditioner. However, these items are for your use during your stay and are not meant to be taken home with you. If you need to remember to pack something or need an extra item, it’s always better to ask the hotel staff for assistance rather than taking it without permission.

Don’t smoke in non-smoking rooms or areas. Smoking is a major cause of indoor air pollution, and many hotels have strict non-smoking policies to protect the health and safety of their guests. If you are a smoker, be sure to request a smoking room or designated smoking area and follow the rules to avoid causing a disturbance or damaging the room. If you are in a non-smoking room or area, do not smoke – it’s not only rude but also potentially illegal and could result in fines or other penalties.

Only bring unregistered guests into your room. If you have friends or family visiting you at the hotel, register them with the front desk before inviting them into your room. This helps the hotel keep track of who is on the premises and ensures the safety and security of all guests. It’s also a good idea to ask permission from the hotel before hosting a large gathering or party in your room.

Don’t abuse the hotel’s amenities or facilities. The hotel’s amenities and facilities are for your enjoyment, but it’s important to use them responsibly. Don’t abuse the gym equipment or pool, and be sure to follow the rules and regulations set by the hotel. This includes respecting the hours of operation, following safety guidelines, and not damaging the facilities. Being considerate and respectful can ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience at the hotel.


In conclusion, good hotel etiquette is all about being considerate and respectful of others, as well as the staff and facilities of the hotel. By following the dos and don’ts outlined in this post, you can ensure that your stay is pleasant for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first-time hotel guest, a little awareness and consideration go a long way in creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all.

We hope you found this post helpful and that it gave you some useful tips for navigating hotel etiquette. If you have any other suggestions or experiences, please comment below – we’d love to hear from you! And don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family if you think they would find it useful. Happy travels!

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