5 Ways to Build a Great Relationship with a Business Mentor

5 Ways to Build a Great Relationship with a Business Mentor

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Research has shown that businesses with business mentors perform better and make headways for their business much better and faster. Business executives and staff who have mentors also experience more work-life satisfaction than those without mentors. 

The issue lies in businesses not knowing how and where to find a business mentor or establish a relationship. There are eight ways a business executive, manager, or staff can do that can help. 

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1. Write Specific Goals and Needs

On a piece of paper, write out your business and career goals. Make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, and time bound or SMART. List the challenges in achieving them as this will guide on what type of business mentor you should be looking for. Perhaps your business needs to develop new markets, improve sales, gather funds, add another line of business, expand your network in a specific industry. Getting a clear picture of where you want your business to be and knowing its weaknesses, threats and opportunities, you’ll have an idea of how a business mentor can be helpful to you.

2. Your Ideal Business Mentor

Now that you have business objectives in mind and what you need to  achieve them, the question now is how can a mentor help. Picture and write out the type of business mentor that can help you achieve them. Be specific here. 

3. The Search for Business Mentors

Perhaps you need someone that can help you accomplish a boost in your business or sales, exceed competitors, or coach you on business and marketing strategies. In the job description, you need to include the bigger aim or purpose for the need to have a mentor. To let potential mentors know what you’re looking for in a mentor, make sure you include this job description when you reach out to them.

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4. Volunteer Works

You can find mentors from anywhere. They can be found in social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, professional connections, or people you’ve met at conferences. While most people are busy, they’ll find it a compliment to be a mentor is a big compliment. The Mentoris Group, based in Brisbane, Australia, aims to help clients create clarity & direction in the shortest possible time. Leveraging skills and experience in business, leadership, strategy and mentoring, we facilitate strategic conversations which help create much needed change and deliver lasting results.

You must join organisations where you can meet your ideal business mentor. The Mentoris Group, a Brisbane Australia based Business Strategy and Business Mentoring firm, brings a refreshing perspective to achieving success. The “think outside the square” and “keep it simple” approach helps identify even more options and value add opportunities for all clients.  

By joining business groups or organisations, volunteer for responsibilities and become actively involved in their activities.  You can find your ideal mentor this way faster than anything else.

5. Practice! Practice!

Be diligent and always work, study and practice continually to get better and better at what you do and eventually master the things you want to do. The best mentors are only interested in helping you if they feel that it is going to be both beneficial to you. The best mentors too are attracted to you faster than by developing a reputation for being an up and coming person in your field.

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